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Girl with Dog at Fremont Orthodontist Patricia J. Sing Choi, DDS

Orthodontic Treatment for Adolescents


Teen's and their parents enjoy coming to Patricia Choi Orthodontics in Fremont, CA, because we make their smile journey engaging with our patient rewards program and modern digital technology. We also offer a complete selection of ceramic braces, wire braces and Invisalign for teens to fit their everyday needs. 

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Comprehesive Adolescent Treatment

If Phase I Early interceptive orthodontic treatment is not needed for your son or daughter (see orthodontic treatment for kids), braces will be started when most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Full comprehensive orthodontic treatment usually takes 18 to 28 months beginning at approximately 11-13 years of age.

Typical Braces and Appliances Used:

  • Traditional (small metal brackets) braces vs. "invisible" ceramic brackets

  • Invisalign® treatment

  • Palatal expanders

  • Headgears

  • Herbst appliances or Mara appliances

  • Lingual arches

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